A Research On Focus Groups And Surveys

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Focus groups and surveys are particularly useful in gathering information on how a vast group of people feel about a particular service or product. “The method is particularly useful for exploring people 's knowledge and experiences and can be used to examine not only what people think but how they think and why they think that way” (Kitzinger, 1995, pp. 299). Along with giving insight into those feelings, this method can help to improve the design or implementation of how that product or service is perceived by the public. In general, focus groups are composed of five to ten individuals with similar characteristics relating to the topic of interest. Focus groups can give insightful data on the participants being interviewed; however,…show more content…
These categories included questions such as age grouping, gender, and ethnicity. While data classification helps in clarifying information, one particular system does not fit all. For example, while the research team decided to classify the gathered data using demographics as a particular method, another research team may decide to classify in another way; no one method is right or wrong, but some methods are easier to understand than others. Along with questions to attain demographic identifiers, questions about what people think about their own insurance companies were obtained as well. The results of the demographic identifiers can be found in the Appendix, Figure 1A.

The research team’s focus group interview consisted of five questions pertaining to the participant’s own insurance company or insurance in general. To begin, participants were asked if they believed that costs of medical care were too high. All of the twenty-six participants answered “yes.” Further, when they were asked why they thought the costs were too high, the majority of the participants explained that while some of the costs could be attributed to malpractice insurance costs for the physicians, higher costs could be attributed to the unhealthiness of the country. For example, with 65 million adults and 10 million children suffering from obesity and obesity related illnesses, it is apparent that with simple changes in lifestyle the
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