A Research On Group Therapy

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Throughout our lives as human beings, the groups we are a part of, influences our behavior, lifestyle and shapes our personality. As such, individuals throughout their development are able to experience different group stages and dynamics within the diverse groups they are a part of in the institutions of family, education, religion, work and community among others. Undoubtedly, these groups and their functions play an integral role in one’s development which inevitably creates a sense of belongingness and purpose. Accordingly, some of these benefits are derived from individuals within a therapeutic setting where group therapy has been effectively used in counseling for several years and remains ongoing. Group therapy is largely described as a type of psychotherapy that involves one or more therapist working with several clients at the same time. Group therapy is offered in varying mental health setting including hospitals, mental health clinics, private practice and community centers and is used to treat psychological issues such as addition, abuse, anxiety and depression among others. Moreover, group therapy is presented through support groups inclusive of anger management, parent support and social skills group as well as psychoeducation groups. Group therapy can be used alone but is commonly used collaboratively with individual therapy and medication to increase its effectiveness. Group therapy has been proven to provide therapeutic benefits which are discussed
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