A Research On How One Effectively Manage Resilience

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It is a near given that one will experience a calamity in their lifetime. To further understand the influences that are positively associated with one’s level of resilience will assist in a further clarity on how one effectively manages calamities. To achieve adversity, one needs to acquire optimal decision making practices to establish an ability to effectively evaluate their present scenario. If individuals involve themselves with consistent and compassionate environments they can establish important characteristics, while acquiring needed resources. Evidence also supports the importance of various personality traits that assists in the ability to establish resilience. By acquiring these aspects within one 's own life, one will further…show more content…
Though the involvement of our environment plays a role with our capability to achieve adversity. Evidenced supplied by Nasvytis, Lazdauskas ,and Leona vicline (2012) suggest the involvement of one’s own personality traits poses a greater relation with establishing resilience opposed to our social relations(p.8). Leahy(2001) suggest that an “Individual who emphasized maximizing positives of gains viewed themselves as having current and future resources”(pg5). By positively conceptualizing their surrounding individuals are more motivated to commit to their own ideologies. Establishing optimism is important for it will assist with maintaining persistence despite opposition. Individuals can do this for they often direct their attention to positive aspects within experiences. This will ultimately furnish a mindset that will reduce the adverse effects associated with failure. While optimism can bring numerous aspects that can help perpetuate a greater ability of resilience, it poses a potential cause of irrational behavior. With optimism it is apparent that it assists in committing to a decision, though this may sound beneficial it also poses as a calamity when in excess. For Leahy and Beck concluded that “excessive optimism as evidenced in mania, can be exceptionally destructive”(as cited in Leahy, 1997, p.3). This brings a heightened concern for those whom have developed excessive
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