A Research On Human And Animal Studies

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My dissertation research has provided successful evidence of non-pharmacological approach to personal precision medicine. Human and animal studies both in vitro and in vivo have provided potential mechanotransduction pathways underlying bone regeneration and remodeling. The relation of profiling gene expression between human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (hBMSCs) and macrophages provides profound understandings of bone homeostasis starting in bone marrow niches. The use of two-photon confocal microscope has provided visual evidence on mechanical modifications under the low-intensity vibration measured by atomic force microscope. The RNA interference technique of knocking down biogenes has confirmed the possibility of the mechanotransduction pathway involving cellular interactions of physical structures inside the cell and nucleus. My successful pathway has shown that the orientation of cytoskeleton controls the programmable differentiation fates of multipotent human bone marrow and adipose-derived MSCs. These results could lead to a novel treatment of osteoporosis and diabetic patients using stem cell precision medicine.

My several research on the regenerative cardiovasculatures using hUVECs on biosynthetic fibrinogen and the Penn State artificial heart using hCSCs on biomedical segmented polyurethanes has been successful in providing alternative potentials for patients with severe heart diseases. Biological organic synthesis methods for biomedical well-defined
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