A Research On Interprofessional Collaboration Is Defined As Students From Multiple Health Professions Learning Together

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INTRODUCTION / BACKGROUND Interprofessional collaboration is defined as students from multiple health professions learning together and from one another with the end result of improving professional collaboration and patient outcomes1.The goal of IPE is to engage students across disciplines to work together and learn about collaborative practice, health literacy and to cultivate cultural awareness. Interprofessional collaboration in the health setting is a critical ingredient to achieving the Triple Aim of increased patient outcomes, increased patient experience and decreased costs Academic institutions play an important role in socializing students into professional roles specific to their discipline including discipline-specific codes of accepted and required practice. Traditionally, professional roles may conflict with the philosophy required in team-based health care, each provider acting as an island. Interprofessional education aims to address this problem. Literature ,2 has shown that undergraduate education aimed at: (i) reducing prejudices between professions; (ii) increasing knowledge of professional roles and duties; and (iii) improving teamwork and collaboration skills, prepares neonate professionals to embrace interprofessional collaboration from their first professional interaction. The University of New England’s (UNE) Department of Nursing was awarded the Community, Health, Access, Navigate, Network, Education, Leadership, and Services (CHANNELS) grant by
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