A Research On Mission Pharmacal And Cms Safety Standards

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Mission Pharmacal has retained MainNerve, a company that specializes in enterprise IT compliance to the NIST standards. MainNerve, LLC has completed a Comprehensive Risk Assessment of Mission Pharmacal. As such, after a review of the existing Privacy and Security Programs and its current security posture, MainNerve is providing Mission Pharmacal with this Road to Compliance. This roadmap will provide suggestions to address the findings related to Mission Pharmacal’s current administrative, technical, and physical security situation.
This Roadmap to Compliance outlines the guiding principles of the Privacy and Security Plan, and will be a beneficial playbook for how the organization begins to operate in an ongoing state of compliance for data privacy, security, and breach notification. The collection of suggestions in the Roadmap will require the complete organization’s involvement and support as we take this journey on what will ultimately become an improved Privacy and Security Program.
The associated Risk Assessment was completed in regards to TEXAS, HIPAA, and CMS security standards. During the course of this assessment, MainNerve determined that TEXAS, HIPAA, and CMS standards do not apply to Mission Pharmacal. The workforce and the systems that Mission Pharmacal uses does not access, transmit, receive, or store Protected Health Information (PHI) in any format. Nevertheless, most of these standards translate to maintaining cybersecurity. Following this Roadmap to…
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