A Research On Nursing And Patient Communication

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Nursing and patient communication have been important factors of the field since its inception. For a patient to come in and know that there’s always going to be someone to help them with their problems once they arrive is a more than welcome sight. It’s one thing to receive support medically, but to also receive much needed emotional support through whatever medical turmoil or complications, a nurse is always there. Much like many other fields of science and medicine, technology as a whole has accelerated the growth a development of newer technological marvels and devices that can better assist the nursing field. For some people, technology can feel less like an empathetic caregiver and more like an advanced appliance. The vision of an exclusively automated nursing landscape may appear as an efficient thought, but in truth is a much less impactful and personal one. However, technological growth is an invaluable system to understand and one of its many facets, communication, can greatly benefit the nursing field as a whole. This is where the concern and caring presence of a nurse is intermixed with the precise and punctual of electronic communication; the nursing informatics.

To begin with, what exactly is a nursing informatics specialist? According to the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (2013):
“The nursing informatics specialty involves understanding and working to improve the interaction between the nurse and patient using technology. The goal of
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