A Research On Nursing Success

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Nursing Success
Imagine that a year old little boy comes into the emergency room. He had been in a car accident and was losing a lot of blood. He needs a blood transfusion to help save his life. I know without it he is going to die. Once I talk to his family, I realize I am not going to be able to save him because, due to religious beliefs, he is unable to receive a blood transfusion. I now have to decide how to proceed. It is unethical to go against religious beliefs without consent, but I also took an oath to save lives. Now is when I have to be open minded and try to understand why the parents made the decision not to do everything medically possible to save him.
Many times nurses have to pull the plug on patients that have signed a do not resuscitate form. They do not always understand it or agree with it but they do have to go through with it because it is the patient’s wishes. Part of nursing is being able to put their own feelings aside to do what has to be done. Many times people believe nurses are cold to their patients, but in reality it is their way of being able to get the job done. Nurses do not have the chance to break down on the job. They have to be able to keep an open mind to be successful in nursing, because religious, personal, and medical beliefs collide daily. If they were not able to maintain an open mind, it would tear them up and affect their abilities to do their job correctly.
Religion is one are nurses have to keep an open mind. “Religion is
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