A Research On Patient Safety

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patient safety in addition to provide data integrity (The Advisory Board Company, 2014). Instead of adding another layer of technology to the already complicated workflow of the nurse, the Patient Touch clinical workflows are delivered via Apple iOS, a consumer technology that is proven to be easy-to-use. Combining clinically-rich functionality with intuitive mobile technology that is always with the caregiver, the PatientTouch system is the first device to deliver on the point-of-care promise (PatientSafe Solution, 2015). It is used for wireless transmissions or communications and is a mobile computing device and software consisting of data transceivers, wireless networks and gateways for management of data (PatientSafe Solution,…show more content…
With this technology at their hospital, notifications of patient alerts such as out-of-range blood pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate are now delivered directly to clinicians. The alert is routed based on availability, care role, assignment, and priority to the appropriate clinician to avoid untimely interruptions and minimize alert fatigue (PatientSafe Solutions, 2015). In April 2014, Jane Phillips Medical Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma started using PatientTouch to improve workflows in their hospital. According to the media release, “This is the first time everything instantly gets recorded and it’s helping revolutionize the way hospital works” (PatientSafe Solutions, 2015). Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado described how their facility started with barcode medication administration with a compliance rate of 98 percent or better in all inpatient areas, then added other workflows such as blood administration and specimen collection (Parker, 2015). In the current state, PatientTouch application reminds nurses if the patient hasn 't received their first dose education. Blood transfusions now use barcode scanning to cross check and witness each event. Because Parkview has focused on handheld mobility since 2007, the use of workstation-on-wheels is minimal. Parkview Medical Center reports the clinicians are thrilled that they don 't have to push around a cart to do barcode medication
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