A Research On Scandals Of Baseball

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Abady, David Mr. Laub Research Paper on Scandals in Baseball 4-30-15 Introduction For this paper, I will be researching the controversial topic on whether athletes or coaches, especially in baseball, should be recognized for their achievements if they were involved in any sort of scandals during their tenures. This subject is hotly debated due to the fact that some find it wrong to reward people who have committed major wrongdoings or even cheated the game they were a part of. On the other hand, some believe that there comes a point in time when, after the players or coaches have suffered enough from their wrongdoings, these people should be rewarded and recognized for providing their sports with all of the glory they possibly could. For example, in the case of Pete Rose, some believe that he has served his time and should be voted into the MLB Hall of Fame due to the fact that he shattered records during his playing years. However, others do not think this way: they stay true to their belief that Rose should not be given such an honor due to the fact that he bet on the games. Clearly, this is a majorly debated topic because while some conclude that if these athletes or coaches provided their respective leagues with prosperity and have given the fans all they could ever ask for, they should surely be given the accolades to suffice their work, others believe that they should never be awarded any sort of honor due to the wrongdoings they committed. I will be
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