A Research On Studying And Learning And Knowledge Obtained From Constant Education

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Research is a goal an individual aims to discover, learn, observe, and ultimately write about. It is a practice of pursuing the process of discovering knowledge on a specific topic. I once told someone what I find to be intriguing to me and they also told me what they unearth to be fascinating. They appear to have squandered too much time on the issue, but, I was young then and seem to be new to his universe of knowledge. Their advice was doing a research in order to uncover everything about the subject until I feel I am the expert. That wasn 't all, and then I was to study and discover some more knowledge with regard to it. I was quite frustrated with that advice because I would like to spend only a week on studying. Will, here I am, finally endeavoring to carry out that concept of research and discovery through studying and learning some more on the subject I would like to become an expert on. Research in general supports the same concept of learning and knowledge obtained from constant education. Advance research in graduate level has a set standard, strategy, and methodology to keep abreast. Once the individual has discovered what topic holds his/her interest, after that comes the selection of research methodology. This is the planning stage of the process. The researcher has two options, the qualitative or quantitative approach. Simply, the researcher can choose to apply both methodologies in a mix method or can choose to use each, individually. Each of
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