A Research On Suicide Awareness Programs

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Suicide-Awareness Programs
Taylor Dixon
Methodist College

Suicide-Awareness Programs In the nursing field, there are several nursing interventions that exist. Suicide-awareness programs are a specific nursing intervention that could be used in a specific situation. For a nursing intervention to be effective, it must be proven through scientific research, making the intervention evidence-based practice. The purpose of this assignment is to utilize and evaluate evidence-based practice regarding a specific nursing intervention. The specific nursing intervention that has been chosen through article research is suicide-awareness programs and how they affect a nurses’ ability to recognize suicidal behaviors. The clinical question formulated from information in the article chosen for this assignment is, do nurses who receive short training programs along with a continuing education class monthly have improved ability to recognize suicidal behaviors compared to nurses who only attend the monthly continuing education class?
Study Purpose The purpose of the study evaluates whether a short training program can improve nurses’ abilities to recognize and effectively respond to patients exhibiting suicidal behavior (Tsai, 2011). The study was done because suicide is a major public health issue in Taiwan, where the number of incidences has escalated greatly since the year 1997 (Tsai, 2011). Most suicide victims do not always seek professional help for their
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