A Research On The Field Of Nursing

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Sometimes all a sick child wants is his or her parent, and all a parent wants is a good nurse. I have chosen to pursue a career in the field of nursing, with a focus in pediatrics. Pediatrics is branch of medical care dealing with matters related to children. It is the responsibility of a registered nurse in any field to ensure that quality assurance procedures are precisely applied and followed during all phases of patient care. Quality assurance procedures are deliberate procedures that have been established to significantly decrease the incidence of medical errors that may result in patient harm, injury or death. A registered nurse may have a variety of different duties throughout the day depending on their patient or where he or she works. All of a registered nurse’s primary duties are focused on the direct quality assurance of his or her patients’ care. Nurses provide the initial assessment of the patients’ illness or injury by conducting several different diagnostic tests based on the patient’s information and presenting problems. These diagnostic tests may include a temperature reading, blood pressure check, respiratory count, pulse, vision examination, reflex examinations, and an examination of the medical history. Based on information obtained from the initial assessment, the registered nurse and the physician can determine if the patient requires further examination by another physician or other medical specialist. A medical specialist is someone who
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