A Research On The Juvenile Detention Centers

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In today’s world, Delinquents are not one of the hot topics you see on the news every day on the nightly news. However, after doing a little research on the juvenile detention centers, one might think that they should be on the news every night until something is fixed. In some cases, jail guards have been caught beating and assaulting children in jail so badly that they have broken bones and scarred them for life. There have also been studies proving that counseling children provide a better chance for engaging with the public. Many children who have participated in some type of counseling have turned out a lot better than those who have not participated in counseling. I now agree that for the most part, children should not be locked up and they should instead be taken to treatment facilities, talk to counselors, and helped on their journey to become adults. When a young kid gets themselves into trouble, what happens to them? Before taking this class and writing this paper I wasn’t sure. There are a few different routes that a juvenile delinquent could take. Once juveniles are sent into jail or a detention center it is even possible that their behavior can get worse as time goes on. Based on my research about the topic and what Nell Bernstein talked about in her book, it is in the best interest of the juvenile to not be confined in a jail cell but in fact given treatment or counseling for their actions. Instead of locking youth delinquents up, it is proven that
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