A Research On The Myeloid Leukemia

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I am Gino Dettorre, and I will be a senior at Bishop Watterson High School this coming school year. Currently, I am interested in pursuing a major in biology with a minor in Spanish at either Washington University in Saint Louis, University of Pennsylvania, or Vanderbilt University. While participating in the Mechanisms of Human Health and Disease program at Children’s Hospital, I have gained a better understanding of the molecular bases of various diseases, and I am interested in applying this knowledge in a laboratory setting. I have chosen to research acute myeloid leukemia because I have known relatives and friends affected by blood cancers, and I am interested in better understanding the mechanisms of this disease.

Advertisement/Pitch: Picture yourself at a check-up appointment with your oncologist. You are told the chemotherapy is not responding. You feel weaker each day. You cannot see straight, you feel dizzy, and you pray that you will find a match for a bone marrow transplant. This is the reality that AML patients face. AML poses the greatest risk to cancer survivors who develop this disease following treatment for a previous cancer—for these patients, it is the next hurdle in their lives (Cancer Research UK). When chemotherapy does not work and bone marrow transplant matches cannot be found, patients realize that they do not have much time left in this world. New treatments are desperately needed for AML, but many just assume that donating money to the American
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