A Research On Victory Oil Gram Udyog Association : Diversification Of Business

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Shikha Sharma
Dr. Rajesh Verma

“A hygienic and healthy global society is what we aim for with a long term vision of catering to diverse needs of customers. Our products should benefit every social sector from household to institutions and establishments.”
Over the years, world population has seen lot of disasters and influenza which have affected the mankind severely. In the year 2009 India witness swine flu scare and one of the most important aspects to safeguard the people from this flue was hygiene. Doctors prescribed keeping hand clean and germ free to be safe from this virus and thus hygiene assumed greater significance. It was not swine flu but at the same time there were many other problems which doctors associate to the lack of cleanliness. This is when Mr. C.L. Malhotra also looked it as an opportunity and thought of contributing to make the global society healthier. The plan in mind was to diversify from existing business of manufacturing mustard oil to manufacturing hygiene products but there was a slight doubt in the mind to enter a market which was already dominated by the bigger players and flooded with hygiene products. But on other hand he was confident that a market which is growing by 20-30 percent still has lot of scope for other players to compete for the share.
I. Introduction
Victory group is a consumer goods company with the ambitious motto of setting up quality benchmarks since its

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