A Research On Weird Populations

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We all have roots throughout this planet. One commonality in every human is that at one point in time every one was once a newborn, who then developed into a grown up. People in divergent societies are exclusively different in the way their surrounding and immediate environments are, the culture instilled into them, the parenting behaviors that have shaped them and how they have adapted to their lifestyles. Because there are several millions of people being raised in a number of contrasting environments, ethnologies, accustoms, and societies, scientists and researchers need to spotlight more research on populations that are not typically studied to get a true understanding of how all individuals develop, learn, and grow. The vast majority…show more content…
Results from this comparison once again found westerners as an outlier, on more than one focus of study (pg. 72). The last comparison we will be focusing on is between contemporary Americans versus all other westerners, the article found that once again, Americans were outliers, even in an unusual population; they were the odd ones out of an entire group made of oddities (pg. 75-76). The reasons these findings cannot be generalized to other populations is because WEIRD samples are constantly the outliers, the issue with generalizing findings from WEIRD samples to the rest of the world is that they do not accurately represent all other societies. WEIRD samples are the odd ones out; this article writes that WEIRD samples are continuously the outliers.
In the documentary called Babies, we are introduced to four different babies, from different parts of the world in separate societies including Japan, The United States, Namibia, and Mongolia. The film documents how each infant is raised in their own culture and society. The beginning of the film depicts medical practices amongst the different cultures. The American and Namibian babies were the two that differed the most. In the Namibian culture there is no medical assistance. The only prenatal care that was seen in the film was when the expecting mother had ground up some red powder and smeared it on her belly, when giving birth there was not much medical
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