A Research Paper On Diabetes

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Research Paper on Diabetes
How is the food that is consumed by the average Hispanic children in their culture cause type 2 diabetes to be more prevalent at such a young age. Parents that adapt their children to this type of habit need to be well informed of the consequences and later health related problems their children can have. We can all agree that many families in our community do not earn high amounts of income feeding to their children the cheapest non healthy foods in addition to today 's youth that are constantly on their electronic devices with no playtime outside. The rise in numbers of children with this diseases cannot improve with these issues not resolved. In today’s time period the amount of time that children spent playing outside has decreased tremendously over the turn of the century due to technology. Hispanic are the third leading population group to be more vulnerable to type 2 diabetes.
Many families in our community do not earn high amounts of income.most people just go for the cheapest groceries
Most if not all of those products are chemically modified to be preserved longer = saturated fats / trans fats
Unsaturated fats are derived from plants and some animals. They contain at least one double bond in their fatty acid chain. Conversely, a saturated fat has no double bonds meaning it is saturated with hydrogen atoms.Make it harder for the body to digest And can lead to heart disease or other complications
People should consider their marketing…
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