A Research Paper On Nigerian And Haiti

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As a CEO of Ajidesigner company, I will supervise all production of the company to make sure it 's well designed in and out of the handbags with the zipper. By doing this, I plan to travel to manufacturer companies in China to inspect the production of each handbag and to make sure that the design is right and to make a deal with any manufacturer, company that ready to work with my company by negotiation on the price they will fit the budget of middle and high-class customers in the United states. One of the manufacturer companies that have been talking to is CHANG RONG BAGS COMPANY, the website for this company is www.changrongbags.com. Travel to China next year is a good thing, but I need to be aware of their cultural and communication sign in which I learned in Professional Communication Practices and I wrote a research paper pertaining to sign language. My research paper was about Nigerian and Haiti in which I point out the different way of communicating between the two countries. My achievement in this class makes me focus on learning Chinese sign language such as Touching, (handshakes, pats, and Kisses)is the way of showing feeling and emotions in some other culture, but people in China Use touching between their close friends, family members, and personal relationship. Time; in America people arrive to any business meeting on time or before the meeting, but in China they time walks and people take it easy instead of living a busy life and in China if
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