A Research Paper On Women And Crime

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SOCI/WGST 3P82: Women and Crime Student Name: Mary Ajudua Student #: 5359559 Instructor/Teacher’s Assistant: Dr. Natasha Tusikov Due Date: October 19, 2015

RESEARCH PAPER IN SOCIOLOGY 2 Research Paper in Sociology: Women and Crime The larger part of crimes committed by females are not violent; the percentage of women in captivity for violent offenses has been gradually declining over the past few decades. In regards to the fact the percentage of crimes committed by women has been smaller than those of men, it is critical to bear in mind the major increase in the amount of women arrested for criminal activity, specifically non-violent ones, over the past few decades. Criminology has viewed women’s role in crime with a large measure of indifference. Criminology attains its understanding of these sexes through sustaining men’s autonomy, intelligence and force of character while deriding women for their weakness of…
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