A Research Paper On Women And Crime

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RESEARCH PAPER IN SOCIOLOGY 1 SOCI/WGST 3P82: Women and Crime Student Name: Mary Ajudua Student #: 5359559 Instructor/Teacher’s Assistant: Dr. Natasha Tusikov Due Date: October 19, 2015 RESEARCH PAPER IN SOCIOLOGY 2 Research Paper in Sociology:…show more content…
Sex workers may also face drug and disturbance charges. On June 14th, 2014, the Bill C-36: The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act was created. This Bill focuses on criminalizing any purchase of sex work and advertisement, while protecting vulnerable women and ensuring communities are safe by allowing prostitutes to rent apartments, advertise their own services, and so on. However, this legislation does not focus on the fact that most women in the sex industry tend to be poor, Aboriginal women who may suffer from mental health and substance use (Benoit et al. 2014:1). Research indicated one-fourth of street-based sellers are Aboriginal people, therefore, making it more likely for them to experience more violence than any other ethnic group. Even though this legislation focuses on the security of others, it does not propose any solutions for sex workers RESEARCH PAPER IN SOCIOLOGY 3 who work solely based on the minimum requirements for living (Benoit et al. 2014:2-3). Due to the fact Aboriginals are most vulnerable and deal with substance use, they are the ones to be mostly negatively affected by this Bill C-36. It is based on “assumptions that commercial sex relationships in Canada are by nature unequal, with sellers forced to engage, and buyers in
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