A Research Paper Rubric Standard

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Research Paper Rubric

Row 1
Writes with organization
Writes with focus, org. and supporting details
Paper is very well organized. Effective sequencing & thoughtful transitions skillfully support your central thesis.
Logical sequencing, predictable connections, organized around a central thesis.
Some sequencing, connections are awkward, structure of writing detracts from content.
Sequencing not present, connections are confusing or not present, hard to follow.
Row 2
Writes with focus, organization and supporting details
Paper carefully and insightfully analyzes the information gathered and connects the evidence to both the paragraph and thesis statement. Draws appropriate and inventive conclusions.
Paper clearly analyzes the information gathered and connects the evidence to the thesis statement.
Paper demonstrates limited analysis of information gathered.
Paper demonstrates little to no analysis of evidence.
Row 3
Grammar, Usage
Uses standard English conventions
Varied sentence beginnings and varied sentence lengths. All words spelled correctly, correct use of punctuation and capitalization rules. Formal tone and word choice add sophistication to essay.
Sentences are of varying length, most words spelled correctly, good punctuation & capitalization. Basic transitions. Uses formal tone.
Errors in sentence structure, spelling and/ or incorrect usage of punctuation and capitalization are distracting to the reader. Tone may vary between…

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