A Research Paper on the Life of John Stuart Mill

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This research paper focuses on the life of John Stuart Mill and how it affected his economic theories. John Stuart Mill’s grew up unlike most, raised since his adolescence to be the face of utilitarianism. This upbringing may have had some effect on his theories and overall beliefs in his economic policies. Born in 1806, John Stuart Mill was the son of economist James Mill. From a very early age his father instilled a discipline of studies. When he was very young he began to read Latin, and comprehend algebra arithmetic. Being the oldest of the family, he was the one in charge of teaching his fellow siblings everything he had learned. He also studied Greek, and followed the works of Plato. Although learning these amounts of work may seem like a good thing, it was clear he could not handle such amount of knowledge. Missing out on much of his youth, and straying away from a typical kid’s life, it wasn’t soon until John Stuart Mill began to self-implode. His father’s plans was to create a genius, to carry on the legacy. James Mill sent his son with Jeremy Bentham, and originator amongst utilitarianism. Jeremy Bentham was the first to acknowledge the theory of utilitarianism. This theory acknowledges that everyone must act in a manner as to produce the greatest aggregate happiness. This theory is the strong hold that John Stuart Mill practiced in his years to come, and would later be recognized as a forefather. One of the main problems with utilitarianism was that
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