A Research Plan For A Business Strategy

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Succession Planning

Aligning succession plan with business strategy is essential to compete in today’s market.

XYZ must have a method of defining the leadership needs that is consistent with the vision of the company and the desired outcome. XYZ’s hiring of new engineers must deal with potential talents and individual’s readiness to move up, a list of targeted needs must be outlined and specifically stated; such as the need of engaging and motivating employees, sales and other goals. Top management and leaders must be “directly accountable for the growth of leaders toward these targets”(Scott & Reynolds, 2010, Kindle Location 8334). An effective succession plan must have a development plan system. In the selection of high-talented leaders, XYZ organization must meet the standards of reliability, validity, generalizability, utility and legality methods of assessments. Leadership development programs in succession planning need to fit the requirements of both the organizations and the leaders undergoing development.

A XYZ must be a learning organization in the field of ethics. Leaders must learn that they “need first to care about ethics and create an organization in which ethics matters” (Rhode, 2006, Kindle Location 2366). The strategy, creation of value and design of a built to change organization, affords XYZ the opportunity to identify, learn and develop. Combining virtuous spirals, critical configurations, and dynamic alignments supports both the short-term
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