A Research Process Is Not A Trial And Error One, Rather,

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A research process is not a trial and error one, rather, one that is as a result of quality navigations in order to approach things in the best way possible. Therefore, a deeper and a thoughtful consideration of the question I put across is to me the first thing to carryout. Since my research question is on how do teachers engage children in social problem solving skills? it’s thoughtful. my research is constantly subjected to my professor and fellow students for correction and guidance throughout. I have involved three main modes of data collection which I believed would help me come up with the best findings that would address my research question. Reflection on how different teacher strategies and activities through interviewing them…show more content…
All these notes came in handy in the research process and helped me to be objective while interacting with my subjects (Ahern, 1999). It’s of assumption that a strong foundation of children’s success in the later life should start at an early age through the development of problem solving skills. Such a notion should not be considered to be true. I believe that there are other better strategies that children can be put through in order to make them successful in life. The research question has a question-order bias in it. I feel that the question is a great influence of the subsequent questions. For instance, the combination of words and ideas in the question has the ability to impact the thoughts, attitudes and the feelings of people who are being questioned and interviewed hence causing an influence on how they will answer the next questions. The assumptions and biases however, rotate in my inquiry of trying to know how children can end up being engaged in the problem solving skills. My research question is in line with my data collection strategies and my other aspects of inquiry like the appropriate methods that can bring situations that facilitate problem solving skills. This is because, Children need to be
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