A Research Project : A Pharmacy Right For Me, And How Can I Best Prepare Yourself For Your

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‘To what extent is a career in pharmacy right for me, and how can I best prepare myself for this career?’

My research project question was inspired by my future goals. In my future goals, studying pharmacy in University and being a pharmacist are the most important goals, because I am interested in how drugs work on human. Before doing this research project, I only knew little information about pharmacy. I would like to understand more about pharmacy career to best prepare myself for the future. Therefore I choose pharmacy as the topic of research project. As I researched, I am able to found out more about the roles and skills required to become a pharmacist, and also how can I prepare myself to study pharmacy. My
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For example, the role of pharmacist changed from only making drugs to also counselling patient, give the correct advices to patients. (Rigby, D 2010). When I was doing the research, some websites are only providing different people opinion, this website might not be accurate, therefore I used the website that were about pharmacy or government website which are more reliable, for example I used an website that is sponsored by Australian Government, Healthy Career opportunities exist in Health, Australian Government. This research process is quite effective; it is because most of the information is used in this research project, nearly all the sources give the similar information about pharmacy. The limitations of this research process are some information is only people’s opinion but not the fact, or the information is not up-to-date. For example, I research about the pharmacist difficulties; I found a website is from yahoo answers, which are mainly people’s opinion (Dustin, Y n.d.). Also, some information is misleading. Therefore when I was gathering the information, I need to choose the correct information to put into my folio.
University Site visits
I went to the University of South Australia for the open day. In the open day, there are professors who current teaching in the university provided me some information about pharmacy degree and pharmaceutical science degree. The information they provide to me were reliable.
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