A Research Project Management Methodologies

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Reflection Today, Scrum methodology is one of the most adopted/ popular project management methodologies out there. It is recognised as a simple to follow framework, but effective in terms of productivity, scalability and flexibility with change. The scrum adopts an empirical approach which bases on the idea that the problem cannot be fully understood or defined. So the framework focuses on maximising the team’s ability to deliver quickly while adapting and responding to emerging requirements. I believe this is a good place to start as often most development projects are prone to change and it is extremely difficult to have a “perfect” requirement at the beginning. However, this doesn’t mean Scrum overlooks the importance of identifying requirements or scope, instead of trying to elucidate all requirements at once, it uses an iterative and incremental approach by adapting sprints in its system. During the first sprint which is sprint 0, the team brainstorms the product they are going to develop then creates a list of user stories and prioritise these user stories by playing planning poker. For our team, the planning poker has really helped everyone to be on the same page in terms of coming to understand how much effort each feature would take. This really minimises the confusion and what is expected of the other team members. Scrum really enabled us to envision the scope and requirements clearly creating user stories. In sprint 1, as we proceeded, we have discovered some of
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