A Research Project On Abortion And Gay Marriage

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Our research project, project was given to us two weeks from the day it was to be turned in, 27th of July to research a scholarly paper with steps; abstract, annotative bibliography, and reflection. In taking the first step in doing the research, our professor created ways to inspire us to come up with a scholarly topic. The way we came up with our topic was that we made a word web with the main subject, usually being wide-range. Then from there we extended that subject into subcategories that we could choose from for our topic to write and research. I had many topics to choose from, but I didn’t agree on a certain one.
I came to the point that I did not have a topic of my own, so I googled scholarly topic for research papers. It helped as far as choosing the topic, but I had so many to choose from; wildlife, politics, education and many other disputes. Other issues as in abortions and gay marriage, but I decided to go along with a topic that is not in the public eye every time you receive news.
From all the topics they had I narrowed it down to three, where I picked from restriction on what kinds of food served in cafeterias, overpopulation, the action it takes on our natural resources, or if exams should be outlawed in another form of assessment based on the ability of the exam takers, there I choose the topic on overpopulation and how it affects natural resources.
I picked overpopulation because it was something that everyone could relate to by means of in overpopulation…

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