A Research Project On Action Research

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Introduction: Action research is a structured process of inquiry by and for the person taking the action. The primary reason for doing this study is to assist the person conducting the study to improve or refine an issue seen to need improvement. The Action Research Project that I conducted was fun because I was working with 5th grade students and they still have some innocence left and they enjoy and are excited about participating in projects that I have worked on this semester. I fear that they were more excited about participating than actually participating.
The challenges I faced during this project were that I did not have as many students as I would have liked for participation and data analysis. The spring semester is the time that teachers are conducting benchmark testing and preparing for the STAAR standardized tests. My mentor teacher assisted me in selecting students that she had observed as not having a huge interest in reading. Unfortunately the students chosen were ones that required intensive tutoring in preparation for the STAAR tests. This was interesting in that students that struggled on the benchmarks and standardized tests were ones that were not motivated readers.
Action Research Question: My initial action research question was: What is the impact of allowing students to choose texts based on their interests on their attitudes about reading? Dr. Stufft felt that this question was a too broad for a study so I modified my question to read: How
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