A Research Project On Food And Nutrition, Watching Jamie 's School Dinners Documentary Series, And Internet Research

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My research project question was inspired by my overweight friend in year 5, who used to purchase lunch orders from the school canteen every day. Studying Stage 2 Nutrition lead me to become further intrigued by this topic and drew me to question how the school canteen could have contributed to friend’s weight issues and why some canteens are still less inclined to act on the issue of obesity than other school canteens. My research into this topic consisted of two interviews, a primary school survey, literature review of various books on food and nutrition, watching Jamie’s School Dinners documentary series, and internet research. My outcome is in the form of a report explaining the results of my research. The key finding of my research…show more content…
Even though the study was conducted eleven years ago, through cross reference with other sources, I found similar problems and concerns evident in the documentary series are still consistent and current with today’s primary school children. The nutritional evidence from Jamie’s School Dinners was further supported by my literature research. The information found by my literature research was highly reliable due to my main source of nutrition information coming directly from my SACE Stage 2 Nutrition text book. This is a highly reliable source as it is an official SACE text book written for the stage 2 nutrition course. The authors of this book, Karen Magee and Meredith Oliver, are also both highly experienced stage 2 teachers, with specialist backgrounds in nutrition. This information was exceedingly helpful as it helped me when choosing specific foods to add to my designed primary school canteen menu. The information was also useful when discussing the benefits and nutritional needs of primary school children in my outcome The psychological aspects evident in Jamie’s School Dinners were further expanded on by one of my interviews with a studying psychologist. This interview was in-depth and I gained a more comprehensive understanding of the reasons why children refuse to eat various foods, and the various reasons they prefer other foods. The process of conducting the interview was managed successfully as first I emailed many different psychologists, however, I
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