A Research Project On Juvenile Capital Punishment

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The survey that was conducted for this research project was geared toward my classmates and how they feel towards juveniles receiving the death penalty. The survey geared towards yes or no questions but giving explanations on why they choose yes or no. The survey had ten questions with three of those questions having to justify their answer (see appendix A). All questions concentrated on juvenile capital punishment and whether juveniles were in their right mind when committing their heinous crimes. The survey had seventeen anonymous participants and a little more than half agreed with juveniles receiving capital punishment. Some of the participants were a little harsh towards the death penalty with juveniles as little as fifteen being able to receive capital punishment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, which is why this survey was conducted, to gather Intel on what others believe on capital punishment for juveniles. One participant said, “Nowadays, juveniles are old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. We have so many different crimes happening in the US right now that they know better. Their punishment should fit their crime. If they murder, it should be life. If they rape, it should be at least 15 years.” Others disagreed but Interviews After gathering research from the Internet, five interviews were conducted in person to gain more opinions toward juveniles receiving capital punishment over adults receiving capital punishment. Only three
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