A Research Project On Mcdonalds Canada

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McDonalds Canada In this company research project I have decided to do my research on McDonalds Canada. I decided to select this company because as a formal employee who had a great experience working there, I wanted to look deeper into what makes this company runs so well. I started with knowing McDonald Canada’s mission statement; it says, “Our customers are why we 're here. We show our appreciation with high-quality food and exceptional service, in a clean, welcoming environment at a great value. Our goal is always quality, service, cleanliness and value for every customer, every time”. (McDonald’s Canada, 2015). For McDonalds to achieve their mission statement they will have to create some internal strategies to help push for perfection. Strong training is one strategy that McDonald’s uses for overall success. McDonald’s has one of the Worlds best training with hands on skills development, teaching employees time management, teamwork, and customer service/ communication skills. McDonald’s ability to offer opportunity is another internal strategy they produce. McDonalds allows for many opportunities within the company for advancement. A large percentage of managers and franchisees within McDonalds all started at one point or another as McDonald’s Crewmembers. “67% of managers and 50% of franchisees” (McDonald’s Canada, 2015) started in entry-level jobs and worked their way up; this shows McDonald’s can offer plenty of opportunity. The last strategy is McDonald’s likes
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