A Research Project On Organic Field Effect Transistor ( Fet ) Based Humidity Sensor

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As a proactive person with strong willpower, I am dedicated to achieving my career goals to become a good engineer and a successful leader in an industry; as a “workaholic” in the eyes of others, I never give up the momentum driving me to success.
Inheriting the initial interest from my father who is an engineer, I am determined to become an engineer myself since little. Loving science, I chose to major in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) for my undergraduate education in Tongji University without hesitation. Taking a broad range of elements as raw materials, MSE incorporates theoretical research into applications, and is extensively applied in various fields, such as automotive, civil engineering, etc. I was luckily trained strictly in Tongji University within a basic multidimensional framework involving theoretic teaching and scientific research.
As early as in my junior year, I was guided by Professor Jia Huang in Tongji University to conduct an innovative research project "Organic Field-Effect Transistor (FET) based Humidity Sensor", in which FET was prepared from an organic semiconductor material and its moisture electrical inductive was measured. This project triggered my research interest in this field and prepared me well for later research challenges. I was excited to conduct my graduation project involving the synthesis of single-molecule chained nanoparticles produced through photoreactions. I recall that my passion for solving problems and making
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