A Research Project On Project Management Essay

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Introduction Working in the industry I do I have found myself in the position of either initiating or participating the process improvement projects. I feel that project management is a very broad term for any type of project that a company, or individual, uses to implement a change or improvement to a product or service. With this definition, I concluded that one of biggest projects I ever managed was when I was approached and began participating in a Greenbelt (PMP) project for a process that I utilize daily basis. The intention of this project was to eliminate email correspondence and create a more streamlined form of communication from engineering to manufacturing in regards to change orders. As the bill of materials specialist for the configuration management team and having 8+ years’ experience in the field I was the first point of contact when it came to improvements or ideas. Mission Statement To begin a project a mission statement must be identified. “A mission statement states the purpose of a project—its general direction and aims.” (Leading Project Teams). A mission statement should be clear and concise in nature and should establish the intention of the projects outcome. In this project the mission statement, as mentioned above, was to ultimately to eliminate or reduce email correspondence between departments. The mission statement indicated the project team responsible for completing this project and the stakeholders who were responsible for the review and
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