A Research Proposal For Otago Polytechnic Essay

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A Research Proposal for
Otago Polytechnic Auckland campus Graduate Diploma in Applied Management
CX660001Research Methodology
Cohort 1

Lecturer Name:
Dr Julianne Wu

Submitted by: 1) Subhashis Biswas 2) Sudipta Adhikary 3) Kanishka Goel 4) Rubica Kapoor 5) Tirath garcha
Table of Content
Introduction and Background 1
Research Question and Aims 1
2.1 Research Question: 1
2.2 Research Aims: 1
Literature Review 2
Research Methodology 6
Project Management 7
Reference List 8

Introduction and Background
Otago polytechnic is one of the top public education provider in New Zealand, which has three campuses in different parts of NZ, But here we will only Discuss about the Auckland international campus that is only for international students.

This campus mainly offers career based courses which are Business, hospitality and NZ diplomas. We are performing a research in order to enrich the overall performance of international student in Auckland campus regarding their issues which they generally face in respect of accommodation, new culture, stress, communication, teaching methods, medical conditions that highly effect their academic performance.
Research Question and Aims
2.1 Research Question:
What are the factors that are affecting the Overall Academic Performance of International Students of Otago Polytechnic (OPIAC)?
To bring out the question, we are going to research about the various factors that are affecting the academic performance of the international
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