A Research Proposal On Electrical Vehicle

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Electrical Vehicle

Summary Electrical vehicle technology has been present for a while and is a proven technology that need only reshaping to meet the global need. Though, in the past, the technology had failed to compete with the internal combustion engine due to initial cost, the technology has done well in recent years. Electric vehicle ability to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, like carbon and carbon dioxide, and the advantages it enjoys, such as low maintenance and running cost, can enhance its market competitiveness. However, as experts try to make its charging system more efficient and its ability to store a charge more long lasting, the global need continues to rise. This research proposal, therefore, aimed at addressing
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Economically, petroleum fuel prices have escalated in the past, which make the use of the electrical controlled vehicle a great alternative to manage the cost issues. Therefore, this research proposal focuses on Electrical Vehicle technology.
• To understand how government involvement can enhance improved use of EV. • To analyse how development of better EV batteries, energy management system and fast charging can help enhance the use of Electrical Vehicles • To investigate how electric vehicle drive train and battery can be redesigned to make them affordable.
The world is at a strange position having misused resources in the past. The quick awakening was a result of the realization that pollution was affecting the ozone layer and destroying its ability to protect mankind. Emission of green house gases was common and no regulation had been enacted. However as we grew wiser and learned its effect on our lifestyle, the world realized the need to reduce green house gas emission and at the same time protect energy sources that are non renewable. Therefore, the period when the cost of fuel rises due to demand and instability in the east, and the inability of fossil fuel to produce
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