A Research Proposal On Preventing School Violence

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Title: Preventing School Violence
Aim: The primary goal for this proposal is to provide the staff with recommendations to design a research proposal studying the violence in our public schools. Methods of prevention should be discussed on how to prevent reoccurring violence or how we can lessen the opportunities of school violence. These recommendations are ones that create a positive and safe environment for both students and staff.
My recommendations will cover the following aspects:
Education of students, teachers, parents, community members and administrators to develop a better understanding on ways to prevent or lessen violence in schools. For example enforcing stricter punishments violence such as fighting for repeat offenders.
• Implementing the use of multiple prevention strategies that address individual, relationship, community, and societal factors that are the likelihood of violence.
• An assessment to determine the extent of violence in schools and what fuels the violence. For example, how girls are more likely to fuels fights over simple comments than are boys.
• Prevention efforts to reduce risk factors and promote protective factors. Implementing prevention methods such as metal detectors and other security measures that have supporting data of its effectiveness.
• Public health approach in preventing or lessening school violence. For example how effective is public health in the early years of adolescents in reducing violence in schools and in
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