A Research Question Involving Module 2a

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For my research question involving module 2A I chose to research question four. I found the question intriguing because the cessation of all carbon dioxide interests me, which led to my research question. What do humans need to accomplish to come close to complete cessation of all Carbon dioxide emissions? The research will be conducted by searching the web to find the top ways that humans release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. When Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere over time the carbon will add up resulting in the average temperature of Earth’s air and ocean. The temperature change takes over hundreds of years to change so the average temperature we see right now could most likely still rice if all carbon dioxide emission are eliminated. Humans contribute to global warming by increasing the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect occurs when greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide, and fluorinated gases, collect in the earths atmosphere. Sun light passes through the atmosphere to the earth surface to allow the earth to heat up. The atmosphere traps the heat on earth to develop the earths temperature. The greenhouse effect is ruining this because the greenhouse gases trap to much heat on the earth causing overtime a higher average temperature. Carbon dioxide accounts for 82% of all United States greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. Currently the United States is ranked second in the top carbon dioxide emitters in the world.…
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