A Research Report From Counseling And Values

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Type of Article
Spirituality in the Counselor Education Curriculum: A National Survey of Students Perceptions (Dobmeier & Reiner, 2012) is a research report from Counseling and Values. Counseling and Values are a validated journal of the Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling (ASERVIC) and a participant of the American Counseling Association. Counseling and Values are a professional periodical of philosophy, research, and a well-versed opinion concerning the interactions among mental health, philosophy, religion, social values, and counseling.
Type of Research
Dobmeier and Reiner 's research is more of an exploratory design. A study of spirituality in the counseling, education curriculum, obtaining results in counselors-in-training on the subject of the nine competence of ASERVIC on spirituality through a quantitative and one-time survey model. Dobmeier and Reiner (2012), are looking at the correlation of what is being taught and the perception of counselors in training in counseling education curriculum.
Literature Review
According to Dobmeier and Reiner (2012), a holistic model of counseling includes spirituality and an inherent human factor and elements of multiethnic awareness. The foundation for this study lies in literature gather from Young, Wiggins-Frame, and Cashwell (2002). Young et al., (2002) observations “Religion and spirituality are often used in the counseling literature” (Dobmeier & Reiner, 2012, p. 48). Dobmeier and
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