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Joe Martinez ID: 009806210, Enrique Manzo ID:009614447 Electrical Engineering Department, California State University, Long Beach 1250 Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90840 Joe.Martinez@student.csulb.edu Enrique.Manzo@student.csulb.edu Professor Dr. Sleiman Fall Semester December 1, 2015 Introduction Purpose: The purpose for this research report is so that students can familiarize themselves with hybrid electric vehicles and their features that make them unique in contrast to other vehicles. This report will educate the reader on the “BMW i8’s” vital components such as the engine, battery, and other elements related to electric vehicles. To put into perspective the significant advantage hybrid electric vehicles have over vehicles…show more content…
In SPORT mode, the thrust and brake regenerative energy are their peak and thus it is the ideal mode when charging the battery. In HYBRID mode, the battery is charged via by brake energy regenerative, thus not much energy is fed back to the battery in this state. Engine: The BMW i8 consists of a TwinPower Turbo 1.5 litre 3-cylinder petrol engine rated at 362 HP along with a torque of 420 lb-ft. The petrol portion of the engine is rated 231 HP whilst the electric motor is rated 131 HP for a combined total of 362 HP. In addition, the vehicle is capable of achieving speeds of 62 MPH in 4.4 seconds, peaking 155 MPH. The top speed the vehicle is capable of reaching varies from SPORT mode to HYBRID mode. When driving the BMW i8 in both SPORT and HYBRID modes, the vehicle is capable of achieving up to 76 MPGe. Furthermore, though the vehicle of able to reach speeds of up to 155 MPH in SPORT mode, the hybrid electric vehicle is only capable of achieving speeds of up to 75 MPH for 22 miles while in HYBRID mode only. In addition, when driving the vehicle strictly on gas, the hybrid electric vehicle is capable of driving up to 28 MPG. Compare and Contrast In efforts to display the pros and cons of owning a hybrid electric vehicle, the BMW i8 will be compared to the Honda Civic Type-R. To start off, the BMW i8 is a hybrid electric vehicle whilst the Honda Civic Type-R is a vehicle that runs on petrol only. Due to the design and structure of the i8, the

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