A Research Report On Home Birth

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When it comes to deciding on where to have a child, there seem to be two definitive choices. Either have the child in a professional setting such as a hospital, or opt for a smaller setting by having a home birth. Both of these options have their ups and downs that could make an individual choose one as being the best in their own eyes. This ethnographic research report uses both peer reviewed journals written by medical professionals and research obtained from interviewing participants of varying age and gender to find which of the two options is truly the optimal one. After doing the internet research, it seemed as though most lean towards the hospital setting as they referenced lower mortality rates as their strong point. On the other hand, those in favor of home birth clung to the idea that the intimacy of the setting is the most crucial part of the process of birthing the child. Although there were arguments in favor of home birth, the overwhelming majority of sources emphasized the choice of the hospital setting. This ratio was also represented by the interviews as most of the participants believed that they would rather have their child be born in a hospital. They came to this conclusion on their own, even after being informed of the benefits and downsides to each of the settings. After compiling the research, it was easy to come to the conclusion that a majority of people prefer a hospital setting for childbirth. Although a hospital may be more costly and
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