A Research Report On My Career Job

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Krystal Soto My Research Report November 18, 2015 For my career job I would like to be a veterinarian. I have always loved animals, especially dogs. Also, this job would allow me to get to know a lot of different kinds of animals. I like helping animals, taking care of them, and playing with animals. And being a veterinarian, I would get to meet knew kinds of animals and have a good salary. The founding of the veterinary school in Lyon, France was by Claude Bourgelat in 1761, which was said to be started by the veterinary profession. The development of the British veterinary profession began in 1785 when the Odiham Agricultural Society held a meeting at which resolved “that the Society will consult the good of the community in general, and of the limits of the Society in the particular, by encouraging such means as are likely to promote the study of farriery upon rational scientific principles. Out of the Society’s deliberations came the establishment of the London Veterinary College in 1791, the start of the development of veterinary science and a professional group dedicated to animal medicine. Initially the veterinary profession was centred on the horse, and this remained the focus for many years influenced by the needs of the Army. Over time the interests of the profession spread to cattle and other livestock, then to dogs are not to companion and exotic animals. There are approximately 597,000 people employed as a veterinarians. Employment of veterinarians is
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