A Research Report On Prostitution

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Research Report for Prostitution in Canada

Jennica Uylett

Keleigh Gear

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Rohini Shah 300756478

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Philip Alalibo
Global Citizenship
Centennial College: Progress Campus
March 9, 2015

Prostitution Law in Canada


Prostitution has often been referred to as the oldest profession in the world. Yet the Canadian governing body and courts decline to remember it as a profession. However, it is only remembered as a social harm or more awful yet a social malevolence. While the demonstration of offering sex in return for cash is actually legitimate in Canada, all related exercises are criminalized. This basically implies that it is unimaginable for a sex worker to do the lawful action of offering sex, without abusing one. This treatment of prostitution as a wrongdoing is straightforwardly identified with the shame encompassing sex work, and in addition apprehensions identifying with ethical behaviour, public order, and sexually transmitted diseases (Sondhi, 2010).
Our analysis starts from the notion that prostitution is not basically evil however is a authentic manifestation of work. This stems from the thought that sex for joy is generally as substantial and profitable as sex for adoration or procreation. The decriminalization of grown-up prostitution would permit sex workers to carry on their business with access to
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