A Research Report On Relationship Management

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The research report on Relationship Management encompasses the descriptive importance of effective people 's management in an organizational structure and briefs about how a prudent and healthy relationship management can result in an increase in the productivity of employees. The research emphasises on cooperative, empathetic, visionary and decisive characteristics of a manager. It portrays the benefits of having compassionate and communicative relationship with the subordinates.

The report showcases the ill effects of task oriented behaviour of Blake and his colleagues, causing an adverse corollary on the efficiency and relationship with the subordinates. It highlight the relationship gap between the managers and the employees accounting for unhealthy working atmosphere within the company, resulting in dis concern of the employees towards the managers and the assigned work.

The transformational theory and Situational leadership model used in the research report provides evidence of a good, communicative, visionary, goal oriented and empathetic leadership style which must be incorporated by the Blake and other fellow managers to bridge a relationship gap between them and the their subordinates. The theories work as a foundation for bringing change in the behaviour of the managers with their subordinates and creating a healthy relation for the overall progress and growth of the organization.


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