A Research Report On The Workplace Essay

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This report was commissioned to investigate and develop a potential solution for the workplace matters in order to resolve the addressed issue for the organisation so as to thrive the business. This paper provides the SWOT analysis on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats during the time of taking the professional experience in the Parkroyal Parramatta. The report draws close attention to the 25 million dollar refurbishment project that makes impact on the service delivery. It identified the issues that happened in Parkroyal with the collections of information from colleagues, supervisors and managers in the hotel. Using the theory learned from stage 1 and 3, I have come up with some recommendation to resolve the issues and brought them to discuss with my supervisors and have gained their insights of how those recommendations can affect the business. After practicing the reflective research exercise, I found out that mostly people are aware of the issues that I had addressed and was on the ways to make it happen. Therefore, I believe the organisation can achieve what they aim to do in the near future.
INTRODUCTION: The aim of this report is to investigate into a work related issue and develop capable solutions that have not been applied into practice in the workplace during the work placement. Which will includes:
• Using a SWOT analysis of the workplace environment in order to point out the subjects that can be worked out to make better
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