A Research Report on the First Social Science Policy Architect, Harry Alpert

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Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology This article is a report of new research on the first social science policy architect Harry Alpert. This is because the article is basically a research that was conducted on Harry Alpert thus giving us information about the person. The article takes the universal format of research reports where there is an abstract in this case the summary, an introduction and the body of the research. We can tell that this is a report of a new research conducted since there is no reference is made from another source.in other words the article is purely about the social scientists, his life and his views. This is not a review of any existing work but an actual article about this social scientist. The article is all about understanding Alpert in tow basic ways; first through the examination of the earlier development of his career and views.it talks of him being a great French scholar. He was among US social scientists though he was not known quite well. He played an important role in the developing U.S National science Foundation's early efforts so as to provide funds for social sciences. The article also expresses his belief on the value that statistical work holds. This is thus the reason why he was not shy when it came to giving critics on certain tendencies even in the public domain (Pooley, &.Solovey, 2011). Secondly the article highlights on Alpert's complex involvement in particular tensions that existed in the mid-century US

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