A Research Study About The Stereotype Threat Effect On African- American College Students

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Furthermore, sports can serve as a tool to build and boost confidence. In a research study about the stereotype threat effect on African- American college students it showed that students either respond to the stereotype threat with a performance reduction or with disidentification and concentration on activities in which they are already successful (Aronson, Fried, & Good, 2000). Based on the findings of DeMeulenaere’s study on four individuals over a timespan of two years, students tend to be more open to challenging activities, if they have a solid foundation in one specific area that gives them pride and self-confidence (DeMeulenaere, 2010). This sample size is not really big and might probably consist of many confounding variables, but the interviews with the influential people around these studied individuals, such as the peers, family, teachers, and coaches, show many different and consistent perspectives.
Besides, through sports many people can be reached and get attached to the school in a different way then with academics. Nowadays, students are less and less interested in learning new things and gaining knowledge, which is supposed to be the most powerful weapon. This phenomenon is shown in the high school dropout rates and less extracurricular participation during high school (Whitley, 1999). For many students physical activation is a more relatable field and helps them in developing confidence and a pride for and by the school (DeMeulenaere, 2010). The developed
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