A Research Study And Ethics Analysis

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[键入公司名称] ELEC4122 FORMAT REPORT MICROCHIPPING PEOPLE Lian HOU z3371039 2014/12/10 Abstract Microchipping people isrecognized as one of the most popular evolutional technologies that could change people 's life style and standard. Human implanting has the potential ability of saving life when emergency; it is capable of improving efficiency at work and life quality of life. Also it can bring evolutional change to the security system forever. With that mass of expectation, microchipping people also brings people equivalent large amount of concerning, people are worried about the consequence of implanting things that are unnatural, radioactive or privacy-threaten into their bodies and unlikely to be taken out undamaging to body. In this report, advantages and disadvantages of the technology will be shown with discussion of engineers responsibility regards on real life cases. Table of Content 1. Introduction 1 2. Background 2 2.1 Conveniences 2 2.2 Risks to health 3 2.3 Risk of misuse 3 2.4 Opposition 3 3. Case study and Ethics analysis 4 3.1 Case 1. Microchip implant ahead of iPhone 6 release 4 3.1.1 Analysis 5 3.1.2 Ethical Issues 5 3.2 Case 2. Failure of VeriChip 6 3.2.1 Analysis 6 3.2.2 Ethical Issues 7 4. Engineers ' role in implementing such implants 8 5. Conclusion 9 6. Reference: 10 1. Introduction Microchipping people is what it sounds like, putting a microchip implant sizes as a rice grain inside human body. The microchip could be asilicate
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