A Research Study Of Condition A Phobia Into A Young Infant

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This paper is about an experiment to condition a phobia into a young infant, performed in 1920 by the name of Albert B by a John B. Watson, supposedly a pseudonym. More specifically this paper is about what happened to little albert and where he is now. A lot of research has gone into this subject and there are many different angles to come from on this subject. Some believe that he was never seen again after the experiments and died at a young age. The majority believes he is Douglas Merritt and infant that supposedly died and a young age. The ethical and moral problems with this experiment were of great controversy and it has been accepted now that little Albert had a neurological impairment at the time of the experiment, Which Watson kept from the public records. Little Albert was taken from the experiments to go home and was never deconditioned or scheduled for long term follow-up. Some people went as far as to analyze the videos to find matching features.
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Almost all psychology students learn at some point that a Watson and Rayner tried to condition an infant (11 months) called “Albert B” to fear a white lab rat. They realized that the infants fear was transferred to other furry like objects like rabbits and dogs, and even a Santa Claus mask. (Fridlund, Alan J)
After the conditioning however the infant left to go home and developed hydrocephalus and died in 1925.
Fast forward to 2012, Fridlund, Beck, Goldie, and Irons (2012)
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