A Research Study Of Psychology Essay

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It has always been in our nature to be interested in the behaviour of our own species. Psychology, as the scientific study of behavioural developments, can be traced back to when philosophy was the leading way of thinking. However, once people began to apply experimental methods to better understand the complex nature of behaviour, psychology became increasingly acknowledged and documented. This essay will focus on the significant figures, such as Wilhelm Wundt, William James and John Watson, which contributed to the history of the study of psychology. It will aim to outline the main factors that are responsible for the change from the introspective method to behaviourism. Fundamentally concentrating on the differing nature of the two; from examining our own thoughts and how they affect others to investigating more observable behaviour in response to a stimulus. Furthermore, this essay will endeavour to critically evaluate why behaviourism has been favoured in America looking at the strengths and limitations of the two methods to come to an informed conclusion supporting the superiority of a behaviourist approach. These objectives will be achieved by using psychological research where appropriate. The formal history of modern psychology dates to 1879. In Leipzig, Germany, Wundt opened the first psychology laboratory. Yet, this was only the start of Wundt’s contributions to the psychology field. During this time, philosophers inquisitively looked for answers to questions
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