A Research Study Of Two Conceptual And One Pedagogical Types Of Research Essay

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This experiment was considered a notorious psychology experiment that was conducted for the study of two conceptual and one pedagogical types of research. The "Stanford prison experiment" was conceived by Dr. Philip G Zimbardo then conducted at Stamford University in Palo Alto, Calif on Au6 14 1971. This was a research experiment using ordinary college students that applied for $15.00 a day for 14 days. The intent was to explore the volatile dynamic between prisoners and prison officers that exist as well provide reform to the real world of officers training in correction (Blaas, 2000). Starting out the experiment was a setup prison setting to use volunteers by way of a newspaper posting for the Experiment. College students replied to the newspaper ad that was asking for volunteers for the study of what is known as the psychological effects of prison life. In the controlled experiment that was designed by Philip Zimbardo, a psychology professor at Stanford. The 24 males that was interviewed and personality tests to eliminate candidates with psychological problems out of more than 70 applicants was given diagnostic, medical disabilities, or a history of crime. Both groups completed the informed-consent forms which indicating that some of their civil rights could be violated in the research (Blaas, 2000). What started out as a make-believe prison setting experiment quickly evolved into a real prison situation with the inmates and officers. The guards were giving the

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